Our Story

90 Years of Winemaking

When Marino Selak first arrived in New Zealand from his native Croatia in 1906, there were a few things missing. Apart from olive oils and traditional Croatian food, it seemed wine was in seriously short supply too. In 1934, he and nephew Mate, started creating a wine that would become a New Zealand favourite.

From our humble beginnings in West Auckland to our current home in the Hawke's Bay, we’ve built a legacy steeped in tradition and passion. Each bottle carries the essence of those who have shaped its creation, preserving the spirit of our winemaking family through the generations. Our commitment to quality and excellence has traveled far beyond borders, with our wines now embraced by wine lovers across the globe

Devoted to taste.

At Selaks, taste is at the heart of everything we do. Each drop is a symphony of flavours, thanks to the artistry of our winemakers and viticulture teams. From the vine to the bottle, we lovingly tend to every detail, ensuring that every sip delights the palate and ignites the senses. Our wines celebrate the generosity of New Zealand's fertile lands and the distinct character they impart.

Always looking ahead

As we honour our past, we embrace the future with a passion for innovation and creativity. We constantly seek new expressions, pushing the boundaries of winemaking, and exploring uncharted territories of taste. As we raise our glasses to the ever-changing world, one thing remains constant: our unwavering commitment to crafting wines that are loved by those who join us on the
Selaks journey.

Our Wine Collections

Selaks Wine, honouring a long and lasting family tradition, are dedicated to bringing you carefully crafted wines. Take your time to enjoy this quality wine from Selaks that’s been generations in the making.

  • the taste collection

    The Taste Collection is a celebration of our devotion to the generous and distinct flavours that have made Selaks wines so extraordinary.

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  • selaks origins

    Selaks Origins wines are crafted to showcase the special character of the regions in which their grapes are grown.

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  • selaks Essentials

    Our Selaks range is made in an approachable style highlighting the fresh vibrant fruit character of each variety.

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